Less than two months until the 2018! Are you aware of the VAT changes happening in Switzerland? Some are quite fundamental. 

Here are our top changes as they apply to our clients:

– The standard rate goes down from 8% to 7.7%;

– The turnover for compulsory registration will take into account the worldwide figures and not only what is sold in Switzerland;

– Mail order business with small consignments (i.e. CHF 5 or less of VAT) will no longer be dispensed of VAT (this provision only comes into force in 2019 though);

– Electronic newspapers, magazines and books will also enjoy the 2.5% reduced rates, bringing them in equality with the hardcopy versions;

– Supplies of collectors’ items such as works of art, antiques and the likes will be subject to the margin scheme.

There are of course many other changes coming into effect in the new year but the above are the ones we see as more relevant to our clients’ profiles. 

We will go into each topic in a bit more details in the near future.